Being in nature = a lobotomy for me. 💚

Full disclosure my brain has been a nervous bundle recently. It’s been a long month and an even longer year. There have been heartbreaking losses and near losses, to just make my brain over fire and think something terrible will happen to someone I love the most. I can’t help it, it’s the way especially in December that I think.

When it’s been below zero last week and not able to go outside to get recharged, I was not doing well. My mind wouldn’t allow me to have a full night sleep. This week thankfully it will be 40 degrees and above which is my rule for being outside in the winter. I went out a few days on my day off. As soon as I hit the woods and the trail I could breathe deeply, and think clearly. I was just listening to the birds and the water that wasn’t frozen.

But there’s a lot of good coming I can feel it. New beginnings and new stories to make. It’s a blank slate that will be filled with so many things. Hopefully it’s all the things I have waited for, and wanted.



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Sheena Lee

I am far from a writer. But I have a lot of thoughts about a lot of things, and want to share my heart and my head with you.